Intensive Workshops & Integration Classes  

Michael offers workshops and personal ceremony to awaken a natural way of being. Intensive Workshops provide experiences and guidance to allow you to reevlauate your life and create and unfold a new way of being. Integration Class Series provide guidance and support to allow integration of new practices and elements into your everyday life.  Personal Ceremony initiates and marks essential change in your life.

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Michael's Book

Many Native American cultures refer to one's gift to the people as their medicine. This book walks you through the process of identifying, awakening, and offering your natural gift. Available now at


  • The Cultural Value of Vision

    The following is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of Michael's upcoming book, Natural Way of Being: Vision is when we experience a specific possibility as a potential for ourselves. It has to have the element of it being possible for you. It may come in the form of an idea, a dream, or a realization such as an "aha experience." Vision is direct communication from Life itself. As well as being essential to your personal natural creation process, vision is critically imp...

  • Managing Multiple Doorways in Various Stages of Development

    The following is an excerpt from Chapter 10- The Dance of Unfoldment in Michael Hoffman's upcoming book, Natural Way of Being:With the Dance of Unfoldment, when a doorway to something new opens, step into and explore it. Take it as far as it can go. Typically, a doorway will unfold for a while and then hit a point where it requires time for something further to develop.

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