Experiential Workshops

Michael offers workshops, classes, and ceremony to awaken a natural way of being. They are designed for you to experience your essence and truth for yourself. Workshops utilize Native American ceremony, sharing circles, and meditation to walk you through a complete life transition. Classes allow the integration of your new way of being. Ceremony and Rites-of-Passage initiate and mark essential change in your life.


  • What is your big dream?

    During the Summer Solstice Ceremonies, we created a clear intention for the things we wanted in our lives. It soon became apparent that we did not start out asking for what we really wanted for ourselves. Instead, we seemed to filter what we want through the lens of what we believe is possible and what we deserve.

  • (Watch out for) Passive Creation

    When creating or manifesting what we want in our life many of us indulge in what I call passive creation. Passive creation is deferring the decision, commitment, and responsibility necessary to create the life we want to something outside of us. The usual suspects external to us include God, Spirit, the Universe, corporations, bosses, friends, parents, children, and significant others.

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