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Michael offers workshops, classes, and ceremony to awaken a natural way of being. They are designed for you to experience your essence and truth for yourself. Workshops utilize Native American ceremony, sharing circles, and meditation to walk you through a complete life transition. Classes allow the integration of your new way of being. Ceremony and Rites-of-Passage initiate and mark essential change in your life.

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  • Partnerships and Whole/Parts

    Personal relationships (that do not include family of origin or career relationships) are a choice. The only clear reason to be in one is because you want to be there. Healthy relationships or partnerships start with people that feel complete within themselves and then come together to share who and what they are and what it feels like.

  • Alternate Reality

    Science fiction has long worked with the idea of there being alternate realities. In my recent Developing Your Personal Practice class, I used the notion of alternate reality to describe what it is like to be separate from the experience that you are in. In the absence of being open and allowing the energy of the experience in, we are not truly part of the actual experience.

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