Workshops & Personal Ceremony

Michael offers workshops and personal ceremony to awaken a natural way of being. Weekly Workshops function individually or as a series. They provide guidance and support to allow integration of new elements into your current life. Intensive Workshops are designed to walk you through a complete transition inside yourself.  Personal Ceremony initiates and marks essential change in your life.

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Michael's Book

Many Native American cultures refer to one's gift to the people as their medicine. This book walks you through the process of identifying, awakening, and offering your natural gift. Available now at


  • Breaking Routine

    Memorial Day weekend is here to launch Summer 2016. Summer is a time for vacations. A vacation (root word: vacate) presents an opportunity to step outside of our daily routine.

  • They think their issue is your issue

    People have issues with you. Ironically, the more character you have, the more issues people likely have with you. But never forget whose issues they are.

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