Intensive Workshops & Integration Classes  

Michael offers workshops and personal ceremony to awaken a natural way of being. Intensive Workshops provide experiences and guidance to allow you to reevlauate your life and create and unfold a new way of being. Integration Class Series provide guidance and support to allow integration of new practices and elements into your everyday life.  Personal Ceremony initiates and marks essential change in your life.

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Michael's Book

Many Native American cultures refer to one's gift to the people as their medicine. This book walks you through the process of identifying, awakening, and offering your natural gift. Available now at


  • Meeting Your Emotional Needs

    Human beings have emotional needs. Our biggest emotional needs include: belonging, expression/being heard, and love/caring. Emotional health requires taking responsibility for our emotional needs and finding a way to meet them when they present themselves.

  • Connection or Separation?

    Everything we say or do either creates connection or separation with the people and life around us. The more connection that we allow in our lives- the more happiness, security, and strength we experience. I have found this not only to be true- but to be an excellent overall guide when making decisions.

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