A Rich Fantasy Life

We spend a lot of time in fantasy. And it takes us away from what is real. Fantasy is contrived. It only happens in your mind. And it does not connect with anything in creation. It is detached.

Whether it is day-dreaming, playing video games, wondering if he likes you, watching TV, reading fantasy books, or day-dreaming some more, it is powerful. It creates neuro-pathways and patterns that reinforce more and more fantasy-making. It is addictive.

And it is very seductive. It creates a world where you are empowered and in control. A world where you rule and save the day. Where people respect you. Where you put people back in their place. Where people listen to you and take your advice. Where you are the center of attention.

Contrast fantasy with vision- its more useful cousin. Envisioning is utilizing the power of creating a picture of something to awaken and walk toward it it. It is using intention, guided imagery, a dream-board, etc. to create the things you want.

But even if you envision things, you eventually have to let go of the picture. The picture creates a focus to walk toward. A lodestar. But once it is about to be born or become real, you have to let go of the picture so you can experience the real thing.

So what is the difference between fantasizing and envisioning? The intention is different. The technique is the same, but the direction of energy is 180 degrees apart. Envisioning pictures things to move toward the world. Fantasy pictures things to move away from the world.

Away from feeling. Away from being at risk or being exposed. Away from disappointment. Away from fear. Away from pain. Away from rejection. Away from pressure and stress. Away from guilt and shame. Away from failure.

And away from life.

So are you moving toward or moving away from?

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