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  • Unconditional Gratitude

    Thanksgiving is a celebration of abundance. It is celebrating the things that we have in our lives. At this time of year on the Medicine Wheel, we are entering the time of introspection.

  • Breaking Routine

    Memorial Day weekend is here to launch Summer 2016. Summer is a time for vacations. A vacation (root word: vacate) presents an opportunity to step outside of our daily routine.

  • Integrity and letting it come to you

    “Let your prayer come to you.” It is what I tell people all the time when we are doing Native American ceremony. The intent is to get beyond your intellect and pray from your heart. This also works for acting from your intuition.

  • Self Inquiry: Asking the part of you that knows

    Have a big decision to make? Or perhaps you just want to know the truth about something. Why not ask the part of you that knows?

  • Things are talking to you

    On the way to the airport early Friday morning, I noticed the blue light on my car cell phone charger. It seemed unusually bright. Then it hit me.

  • Honest With Yourself

    Honesty is exposing what you are experiencing and feeling inside yourself to whomever you are interacting with. So, honesty with yourself is exposing what you are experiencing and feeling inside to yourself. So why wouldn’t we allow ourselves to acknowledge what we feel?

  • Don’t Forget to Give Thanks to Yourself

    Happy Thanksgiving! It is the ultimate holiday of gratitude and abundance. It is the perfect time to give thanks for all the things in your life.

  • Inner Silence

    I just completed a 5-day silent meditation retreat with spiritual teacher Adyashanti near Lake Tahoe. It was extremely well orchestrated and I recommend it to anyone looking to create a foundation for their meditation practice or experience the silence inside of them. It was more gentle than I thought it would be. Read more.

  • Always Question, Never Doubt.

    You showed up. You evaluated the situation and considered all the options. You gave it everything you had. Read more.

  • New and Formless

    It is spring time- the perfect time of the year for new aspects of self to be born. Often, the new aspects that emerge do not have any form. They are pure concept or idea.

  • Your Actions Never Lie

    We tell ourselves all kinds of things about the way we are. Our perceptions of ourselves may be, “I am all about such and such,” or, “I care so much about so and so.” But what do your actions say about it?  Adyashanti, in his book and course, The Way of Liberation, (link) points out that your actions will tell you the truth of the matter. What you do is the perfect mirror of what is important to you.

  • Allow Yourself to be Guided

    Assume for a moment that there is a part of you that is connected to all of life and knows what is best for you.  And… that it is trying to guide you. All you have to do then is listen to it and allow yourself to be guided. It is simple as following your curiosity.

  • A "Touch" of Synchronicity

    You have to watch Touch on Fox on Thursday nights. It does a fantastic job addressing seemingly random- but hugely beneficial human connections. Similarly, in Man and his Symbols, conceived and edited by Carl Jung, M.-L.

  • Inner Consciousness

    What if there was a part of you that was connected to all things? What if there was a part of you that was trying to guide you toward the things that you want most in life? What if it was trying to communicate with you all the time- sometimes screaming at you?

  • Propensity for the Negative

    Is it half-full or half-empty? Do you focus on the people that like you, or the people that don't like you? Do you focus on the 10 positive things in your employee review, or the 1 negative?

  • Look Inside Yourself for Guidance and Direction

    Our culture encourages us to look outside of ourselves on how to be. What direction are things moving? How do I fit?

  • Finding Compassion for Yourself

    Our deepest issues are with ourselves. All anger, resentment, regret, and betrayal are ultimately self-directed- if we are willing to take them deep enough (see blog: Anger is always self-directed). Once we see and accept that it is us that let us down, true healing can begin.

  • You Better Believe It!

    We only allow ourselves to see the things that we believe are possible for ourselves. Otherwise, what we want could be right in front of us and we would not see it. Even if we saw it, we would discount it or push it away if we did not believe it is available to us.

  • Feeling "Unlovable" on Valentine's Day Weekend?- Don't believe it.

    One of the most common and self-destructive self-beliefs is, "I am unlovable." We come by it honestly. When we were a child, if our own mother or father cannot love and accept us the way we are- we assume we are unlovable. Children, after all, are developmentally narcissistic; they make everything about them.

  • New Year's Resolutions

    No one likes New Year's resolutions anymore. They may be getting close to extinction. This year, I've already heard several people say, "I don't like resolutions.

  • This Halloween... The Shadow Knows

    Carl Jung defined the "shadow" as the part of us that "represents unknown or little know attributes of the ego." He continues about the value of the shadow in Man and his Symbols, "But sometimes everything that is that is unknown to the ego is mixed up with the shadow, including the most valuable and highest forces." Later in the chapter he advises, "If the shadow figure contains valuable, vital forces, they ought to be assimilated into actual experience and not repressed. It is up to the ego to...

  • What are your Dreams Trying to Tell You?

    I see dreams as a way our inner consciousness (aka. unconscious, soul, higher self, etc.), or the part of us that knows what is best for us, tries to communicate with our conscious mind. It communicates with symbols.