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  • Managing Multiple Doorways in Various Stages of Development

    The following is an excerpt from Chapter 10- The Dance of Unfoldment in Michael Hoffman's upcoming book, Natural Way of Being:With the Dance of Unfoldment, when a doorway to something new opens, step into and explore it. Take it as far as it can go. Typically, a doorway will unfold for a while and then hit a point where it requires time for something further to develop.

  • Letting Go of the Outcome

    The following is an excerpt from Chapter 10- The Dance of Unfoldment in Michael Hoffman's upcoming book, Natural Way of Being. When we take intentional action to initiate the dance of unfoldment, it is essential to let go of the outcome. We live in a results-based culture and obviously getting results has it place. Your boss or team leader wants results, right?

  • This is what I choose to create

    It takes courage to choose what you want to create in your life. One of the hardest things about offering a clear intention is to make a firm decision about what you want to create. Making an intention is deliberate and well...

  • Crossing the Great Water

    The I Ching or Book of Changes uses the metaphor of crossing the great water to teach about change. Likewise, an old Zen teaching describes a point in the change process when you are in the middle of the river you are crossing and can see both the river bank or life that you left and the one that you are moving toward. This time of year offers that same opportunity.

  • Keep Going...

    Personally, it has been a rough week. I can feel that this is the time in the creation cycle that I have given up on projects in the past. And in others, this is when I have forged forward and soon found success.

  • Collaborative Doorways

    The following is an excerpt that I just wrote in the draft of my upcoming book, Natural Way of Being: If the natural way of being is collaborative as described in chapter 2, it only makes sense that opening a doorway to something new would be collaborative. While natural creation is essentially collaborative in the way it unfolds things energetically with the universe, this discussion of collaborative doorways is referring to collaborating other human beings. Many times the doorway to the thing ...

  • Subjective Criticism

    Objective criticism is warranted in relationships such as teacher, supervisor, or parent. But most criticism these days is subjective and unsolicited. When you create or offer something, someone is bound to throw their two cents in.

  • What is important to you?

    I introduced a new concept called the "Natural Creation Cycle" at a class at Bend Community Healing Monday night that will be developed further in my upcoming book and workshops. The first stage of this cycle is "Inquiry" and many people identified with being in this stage. This stage ultimately helps you determine what you want to create in your life.

  • What is your big dream?

    During the Summer Solstice Ceremonies, we created a clear intention for the things we wanted in our lives. It soon became apparent that we did not start out asking for what we really wanted for ourselves. Instead, we seemed to filter what we want through the lens of what we believe is possible and what we deserve.

  • (Watch out for) Passive Creation

    When creating or manifesting what we want in our life many of us indulge in what I call passive creation. Passive creation is deferring the decision, commitment, and responsibility necessary to create the life we want to something outside of us. The usual suspects external to us include God, Spirit, the Universe, corporations, bosses, friends, parents, children, and significant others.

  • The Unique Actualization of Your Dream

    We all have or have had dreams for our life. It might be to have a family, start a business, or live more simply on some acreage. Our dream often starts with a vision.

  • Wanting to Know

    When approaching an experience, we tend to preconceive what we want to happen and then push for the experience to unfold in that manner. We try to create a desired outcome. But what if this is backwards?

  • Letting Go of the Picture

    Creating a picture of something in your mind is essential when creating things. It helps us envision the thing we are manifesting and create an ideal to strive toward. However, there comes a time in our creation cycle that it is necessary to let go of the picture so the actual thing can come into our lives.

  • Keep Moving Forward

    When traveling into the unknown and trying something new, things can get overwhelming and discouraging at times. There are set-backs and failures. This is the time that fear and self-doubt sets in.

  • A Rich Fantasy Life

    We spend a lot of time in fantasy. And it takes us away from what is real. Fantasy is contrived.

  • Opportunity Cost

    Opportunity cost is a concept in micro-economic theory that the New Oxford American Dictionary defines as "the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen." I like to apply it to the choices we make in other aspects of our lives. Because life is precious and time limited, the larger problem of a poor choice is that it takes you away from something more worthwhile. For example, the opportunity cost of settling for an unloving relationship is that prevents you fro...

  • Intention Opens Doors

    Without clear intention nothing happens- at least nothing real. There is a lot of talk in spiritual circles (mine included) about allowing things to unfold. But significant experiences don’t just happen.

  • Dare to Dream (and do something about it)

    Martin Luther King, Jr. not only had a dream, but he acted on his dream. Dreaming itself takes courage.

  • Intention and Parameters

    Many of us let fate take its course with our experiences. We say, "We will see what happens." But what if we want to create our fate and orchestrate the experiences that we want? Creating such experiences requires a foundation of intention and parameters.

  • Hear What You Want

    There are excellent new TV commercials out by Beats by Dre headphones. There are currently two versions: one with Kevin Garnett (director's cut link) and Colin Kaepernick (director's cut link). Both commercials show each sports star on a bus with have angry fans or “haters” yelling disparaging and even racist things about them and violently throwing eggs and various things at their bus window.

  • Intention is the Catalyst for Change


    During the recent Summer Solstice Ceremonies, Ann Coughlin led a healing circle. She had us envision a funnel of energy coming down through the top of our head and up through our feet from the earth. We then passed the energy around the circle drawing with our left hand and sending with our right all while we focusing the healing energy onto Steve's stomach.
    It led me to thinking. If the energy is already in everything, why do we need draw it in in order to heal with it? Why does it need us? Then it hit me, we have to createan intentionfor the energy to work. Sure, we are focusing the energy too, but it is us caring and loving enough to intend the healing that creates the spark and the magic. Read more

  • Truly Open to All the Possibilities

    Allowing things unfold is the most pure way to have your life take form after you have created an intention. It is letting go of control and surrendering to what life has in store for you. But in order for allowing things to unfold to work, you have to be truly open to all the possibilities. I have been observing myself cheating with this lately. Read more.

  • It's an NRAD

    What's an NRAD? Not Really A Doorway (yes I made it up). It seemed like a doorway, but it didn't go anywhere.

  • Precious

    Life is so short. And things change so quickly. Amongst everything that is going on, there is something right now that is highly precious to you.

  • Limited vs. Unlimited resources

    n game theory and economics, a zero-sum game is a closed system in which one participant gaining means another must lose. Available resources are limited or finite- so gains and losses must add up to zero. In contrast, a non-zero-sum refers to situations in which gaining does not require someone else to lose.

  • One Thing Leads to Another

    Many times experiences that we thought were insignificant or even perceived failures or setbacks guide us to getting what we are after. Ever go one place and see something totally unexpected that fascinates you? If you are willing to explore it, it will often lead to something else which may in turn have a significant effect on your life.

  • Deliberate Action

    The following is an excerpt from the draft of my upcoming book, Your Natural Gift: Deliberate action. You are much more likely to create the effect that you want if you act deliberately. Most people act casually without thinking much about the effects of their actions.

  • Clearing Your Life Path

    Last week I experienced a great deal of karma or unfinished business. Damage included a crashed website, an expensive car bill, and a set-back in the sale of my house. I decided to look at the elements that each of these (and others) had in common.

  • Tired of Hearing: Things Happen for a Reason

    I have been observing people avoiding responsibility for their actions by using the expressions like things happen for a reason a lot of late. A recent example: "I just lost my job. I guess things happen for a reason." In this case, the only reason that she lost her job is because she was showing up late and doing poor work. Another example: "My wife left me, I guess things happen for reason." This time the reason was that he treated her poorly for several years.

  • Is this a Possibility or a Distraction?

    This cool opportunity presents itself to you. It is clearly different than the focus and goals you set for yourself. But yet looking back, many of  your biggest breakthroughs came in a form that was different than what you expected.  So is this a possibility to be explored- or a distraction to be avoided?

  • Hope You Got What You Needed

    My Zen teacher used to say that to me when an experience or phase of life came to an end. And then he would add with a huge smile, "I know I did." Each experience, relationship, or phase of life offers something to us. And each of these things is totally unique.

  • Not What I am About

    "Oh yeah... being part of that is not what I am about." It is natural to want to be part of things. It is how we grow and how we learn to be collaborative.

  • The Fragility of a New Habit

    My counseling style has never lent itself well to ending a session at a specific time. I naturally want to continue the session until it feels complete. Sometimes that's after 45 minutes, and sometimes it's an hour and 15 minutes.

  • No More Holding Back

    I am writing this blog on my 50th birthday. I am taking no prisoners in Life: Part II. As I look back over the previous 50 years, I have few regrets.

  • Bad Idea

    Successful people have good ideas- some of them brilliant. But even more of them are bad. We don't hear about those much.

  • Spring Equinox: Planting Seeds of Potentiality

    Yesterday, March 20th, was the Spring Equinox. Many Native American, pagan, and earth-based spiritual practices celebrate Spring Equinox as time of giving birth to new beginnings. The Lakota Sioux begin their year's cycle in the spring.

  • Spring Cleaning: Clearing Space for the New

    It is the perfect time of the year for spring cleaning. Your world is still structured for the old. It is so last year.

  • Oh, I Could Never Do that

    Sure you could. You just tell yourself that you cannot so you don't have to consider it. When we think of doing something we are drawn to, but is out of our comfort zone, it creates conflict and tension.

  • Arterial Bleeding

    It is the perfect time of year to re-evaluate whether or not the things in your life still serve you. We are creatures of habit. Often we continue to do things out of obligation.

  • Identify the Elements of Your Dream

    Young people have lofty dreams. Being a pro basketball player, fighter jet pilot, rock 'n roll star, surgeon, CEO for a Fortune 500 company, or parent of eight children. Dreams of any type should be encouraged.

  • Stop Pushing Things Away

    Having the things you want in life, as well as, being close to people is a lot simpler then you might think. Possibilities of the things you want present themselves to you all the time. Opportunities to be close and connect with people come to you every day.

  • Are You Too Available?

    How do you invest your most precious resource- your time and energy? Do you determine how your time will be spent or is it determined by responding to the demands and needs of others?  Did you choose to be on the school, church, or neighborhood committee, or did it choose you? Coworkers, husbands/wives, children, friends, and community members constantly have needs.

  • It is Happening Under the Surface...

    When you are desiring change or creating something new, the thing you want does not happen until the last stage of the process. Approximately ninety percent of the process happens underneath the surface- with no tangible evidence that anything is happening. Unfortunately, many people give up just before the thing they want actualizes.

  • Is Linear Thinking Limiting You?

    Ever set rules for yourself on how to accomplish something? You say: first I need to do this, then I need to contact so and so, then I will be able to do this, which will allow me to complete that. These order of operations tend to follow a linear progression.

  • "Dream Until Your Dream Comes True" -Steven Tyler

    Dream on. I remembered this old Aerosmith (http://www.aerosmith.com/) song the other day as I thought about my dream. I can distinctly remember hearing it for the first time after I finally got the courage to slow dance with a girl I liked at a junior high dance.

  • The Power of Association

    The most important choice you make day to day is who you associate with. People affect each other a lot more than you think. I used to think I was resilient and would not be affected by negative people.

  • What is Presenting Itself to you Today?

    One of the most powerful intentions or prayers to start your day is, "Help me see what is presenting itself to me today." Everything you want will present itself to you- if you serious about having it. It may, however, be in a form that you do not recognize at first. The first step is to ask for what you really want.

  • Are You Teachable?

    Ever meet someone that you wanted to learn from? They have mastered something that you want to learn. Painting, guitar, martial arts, yoga, a trade, anything.

  • Single Acts of Resistance

    This is the good resistance. Resisting against the status quo. Resisting against settling for a life that you are not entirely happy with.

  • Heroes Challenge Fate in The Adjustment Bureau

    Matt Damon's character encounters The Adjustment Bureau while pursuing the girl of his dreams. Apparently, human-kind can no longer be trusted with free will. The adjustment bureau intervenes for damage control to ensure that our choices have the desired effect on the world.

  • You Are Where You Are- Because That's Where You Choose To Be

    Carl Jung said, "You are where you are, doing what you are doing- because that's where you choose to be." We may find ourselves broke, overweight, single, stuck in a relationship, or unhappy at work. We tell ourselves that we want to be elsewhere, but something is preventing us from being there. But we created our present situation.

  • Hear the Sound of the Gong

    The Sudden Enlightenment schools in Buddhism teach that enlightenment happens in a sudden realization of Buddha-nature. Bart Anderson, Zen Master, described that some can sit for years and never experience enlightenment, whereas another can hear the sound of the gong once and find kensho. I beleive the same to be true with experiences and opportuitties.

  • Are you willing to fail?

    Several years ago, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and numerous books on financial intelligence, was on Oprah speaking about the power of starting your own business. One of the audience members indignantly challenged Robert saying, "What would you say about the fact that one out of ten businesses fail?" Robert said something like, "Well, then I guess I'm gonna have to start ten businesses." Add to that my all-time favorite TV commercial (you got to check it out- YouTube link) with ...

  • Tired of Resolutions? Try Intentions this New year

    People are tired of resolutions. When I ask people, they say, "I never follow through with them, so why bother? They seem demoralized- like they have given up.

  • When it's Good to be Scrooge

    I woke up this morning feeling like Scrooge on Christmas morning in the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickins. My dreams  from last night and introspection from yesterday had shown some of the destruction that my ego created. But, when I woke up, the bad things that happened in my dreams had not yet happened in my life.

  • The American Dream has Changed

    The world has changed. And it is continuing to change- faster than ever. Some Americans are having trouble accepting this fact.

  • Change Starts with Seeing Things As They Are

    It's a paradox: in order to have things differently, you have to first see things as they are. As long as there is any delusion, denial, or fantasy- it is not possible to create positive change. You do not have to agree with or condone the way things are.

  • See Yourself as Walking Toward

    If you do not have what you want (yet), your ability to attain it depends on the way that you view yourself in relation to what you want. Decide what you want and commit yourself to it. Know that it is going to happen- it is just a matter of time.

  • Defining Moments

    There are moments in our life in which the choices we make determine the course of our lives. We put out our intention for the things we want. We draw them to ourselves.

  • Focus and Discipline

    To create the life you want, you need clear intention. This requires focus. You sometimes need to do some soul-searching to find out what is important to you.

  • Time for a Change? We all need a Metamorphosis.

    One of my greatest passions is reserving a weekend and guiding people through a complete personal change. I have received so much value from such events over the past 25 years- sometimes as a participant and sometimes as a facilitator. When planning for this event, my marketing consultant, John Driscoll, had a great idea.

  • The Possibilities of Allowing Things to Unfold

    But by forcing things to happen, we are limited to creating the thing that we have our sights set on. It is linear. "I want that job.

  • Personality is a Choice

    Our personality has a lot to do with how we respond to things. It is often based on our behavioral patterns, belief systems, and identity- the things we think that we are. Wouldn't it be cool if we could go beyond these illusory and reactionary things and find our true personality?

  • Nature and the Natural State of Being

    The Native American Medicine Wheel could be called the "wheel of life." It shows the natural cycles of life. It uses the things in nature like the change in the seasons to teach how life works. The "East" on the Medicine Wheel represents springtime when there is birth, blooming, and new beginnings.

  • An Additional Law of Attraction?

    The Secret by Rhonda Byrne describes a "law of attraction" that governs the way that we can attract the things we want to ourselves. Byrne explains "negation" one element of this law, "The law of attraction doesn't compute 'don't' or 'not' or 'no' or any other words of negation." As you speak words of negation, such as I don't want a bad haircut, the law of attraction is receiving, "I want bad haircuts." She concludes, "The Law of attraction gives you what you are thinking about- period." Bart A...

  • Building Momentum for Your New Life

    Changing takes energy. We have to work through our resistance. We have to venture out of our comfort zone.

  • Point your Boat in the Right Direction and Let Go

    Choosing and understanding the nature of you forthcoming interactions is essential. I have written several blogs on skills like "setting parameters" and "keeping yourself intact" to put yourself in a position to have clear and fulfilling interactions. But...

  • Responsibility - The Key to Freedom

    You create your life. Everything that you are experiencing in your life now was created by you. The undesirable things in your life are either an outcome of a choice that you made, or an experience or person that you chose to expose yourself to.

  • Clear Mind, Open Heart

    When you are feeling, you cannot see things as they are. You become attached and lose your objectivity. But becoming attached is not bad- it is part of feeling.

  • Allowing Ourselves to See Possibilities

    Possibilities for the things we want most are presenting themselves to us all the time. But we only allow ourselves to see the things that we believe are available to us. We all have limiting belief systems that tell us what aspects of life are available to us and what are not.

  • Using Rites of Passage to Create Change

    I have participated in and facilitated seminars and classes to create change for the past twenty years. I found that lasting change occurred more often when a “rite of passage” was utilized. Rites of passage go back to the beginning of time in most cultures.

  • What is Change?

    This represents what I have been up to this summer. For some time I have been considering how the things that I have learned might benefit other people. I drew on twenty-five years of self-exploration and working with people, as well as, study and collaboration with a creative and enlightened teacher.