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  • Alternate Reality

    Science fiction has long worked with the idea of there being alternate realities. In my recent Developing Your Personal Practice class, I used the notion of alternate reality to describe what it is like to be separate from the experience that you are in. In the absence of being open and allowing the energy of the experience in, we are not truly part of the actual experience.

  • Are you willing to feel your friend's sadness?

    My girlfriend Donna gets truly sad when one of her friends is sad or struggling. I have found this willingness to feel deeply with someone more and more rare in our culture. Many of us like to think we are empathetic to what our friends or clients are feeling.

  • Only You Can Separate Yourself From Spirit

    If you are separate from Spirit, it is because you separated yourself from it. Spirit will never leave you. Only you can break the connection.

  • Don’t Let Life (and Spirit) Pass You By

    Many of us are not used to being open. We are reluctant to allow the life energy of experiences in. And, we often do not take the time and effort to offer our intention out.

  • You Never Know How You Are Affecting Someone

    It is the coworker that you listen to about her relationship woes or the neighbor that you talk across the fence about gardening. For me it is a coworker that I talk football with. We figure it is not a big deal- we are just chatting. Read more.

  • Security-seeking meets Risk-taking

    People that seek security tend to take charge of things. When they meet someone, they are conditioned to take control of the situation and the relationship to insure that everything is safe. People that take risks have less of a need to control things.

  • Strong or Gentle?

    Strong energy is best when you need to open someone's heart or get through to them. Gentle energy is best when someone's heart is already open and you want to connect with them. When your child is being willful, strong energy is required to blast through the willfulness.

  • Keep Inviting People

    People do not like being told what to do. Yet we want to share things with them. Why not invite them?

  • Navigating the Fringe

    Have you ever been trying to understand something, but your mind is having difficulty grasping it? Your mind just kind of goes blank and you can't quite pull it in. Everything seems hazy and in a fog.

  • Lines of Communication with your Child

    he most important thing for parents to do as their child gets older is to keep the lines of communication open. This usually breaks down when parent(s) become resistant to knowing what is going on with their child. This is often because they are more focused on the child being loyal to the family rather than what the child is experiencing outside the family. When the child goes to school, he finds out that the rest of the world is different than his family.

  • Difference vs. Commonality

    Do you look at what is different between you and other people? Or... do you look at what you have in common?

  • Nurturing:

    The following is an excerpt from the Chapter 2 draft of my upcoming book, Your Natural Gift- Offering the Essence of your Heart. Nurturing is one gift from a reference list of natural gifts described in this chapter. Nurturing: Like its cousin caring, nurturing offers people something they desperately need in today’s world.

  • Dynamic Energy

    he following is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of the first draft of my new book, Offering Your Natural Gift, scheduled to ship Oct 1st: Dynamic energy. If you want to create movement in your life, you have to reach out. Beyond your inhibition.

  • Stories that People Can Envision Themselves In

    When you say 'I' when telling stories, you sometimes take the ability for people to envision themselves in what you are talking about. The web is full of 'I'. Everyone is telling you what they are doing and what they like.

  • Collaborating is Messy, but sure Beats the Alternative

    I have been forcing myself to collaborate with others lately. What a pain in the butt. I can clearly see why I have avoided this.

  • Conceptually Involved

    We put things in a box so we do not have to deal with them anymore. Things like ideas, people, interactions, or God. Being present and feeling your way through each task or interaction takes a lot of energy and is messy.

  • Good Teachers are Artists

    Are you a teachable teacher? Are you open to learning when you are teaching or explaining something? The best teachers I have met are always willing to learn- while they are teaching.

  • Reduce Their Defensiveness

    People get really defensive. I think it is because our current culture has become so critical and judgmental. People do not hear what you are saying when they get defensive.

  • Get Into Their World With Them

    There is no better gift that you can give to someone than to experience their world with them. Obviously, in order to do this, you have to be willing to get out of your own world. The only skill you need is to inquisitively ask questions.

  • Getting Involved Creates Connections

    Whenever you get involved in something, it creates connections with other people. The higher the number and depth of connections, the stronger and more grounded you are- whether in business, or socially in a community. The other night the Jacuzzi was not working at the gym I go to.

  • Are You Connectable?

    Are you approachable? So many of the things we seek for ourselves come through other people. We dream, hope, and pray to have love and abundance in our lives.

  • Common Ground

    Our culture trains us to compare ourselves to other people. We measure ourselves in relation to others. So when you compare two brands at the grocery store- do you look at what is the same or what is different?

  • Notice When People are Drawn to You.

    You are attracting people to yourself all the time. Attraction is the most powerful way to find the relationships and team you need to create the things you want for yourself. Not necessarily physical attraction- although that could be involved.

  • Are You Inclusive?

    Do you allow people in? Do you invite others to be part of what you are doing? Are you open?

  • Be Yourself and Find Your People

    No matter what you do, someone is going to have an issue with it. So... you might as well do what you want to- and let them have an issue with that.

  • Her Only Sin was to Like Me

    Ever wonder why we go for the people who are cool and not interested in us? And why we push away the nice people (with substance)- who obviously like us? OK, sometimes the emotionally available people that like you do come on a bit strong and desperate.

  • Always Be Connecting

    I am told the new ABC of sales and marketing is Always Be Connecting- that it has replaced Always Be Closing. I add that face-to-face connection is also the most powerful way to uplift others and make a difference in the world. People need connection more than ever in today's world.

  • See Yourself as "Part of"

    When you are in an experience, do you see yourself as "part of" or "separate from"?  If you see yourself as part of, everything in the experience is available to you. You have a right to be involved- just because you are there. So no more "being on the outside looking in".

  • See (that person) Outside the Box

    The first thing that people often do when meeting someone new is to put them in a box. We intellectually label and stereotype that person. We "pigeon-hole" them so we do not have to think about who they are anymore.

  • Expand Your Social Horizons with 'Social Arenas'

    During this ideal time for introspection that corresponds with winter and New Years, some of us may decide that we need to expand our social horizons. We may be single and feeling a little lonely and isolated. We may be in relationships and/or friendships that are no longer meeting our emotional needs.

  • Stop Pushing People Away

    "You only allow as much love as you feel like you deserve." This is a quote by Bart Anderson, a spiritual teacher that I studied with for many years. So what happens to the love that we that we do not allow? We push it away.

  • Connection or Separation?

    Everything we say or do either creates connection or separation with the people and life around us. The more connection that we allow in our lives- the more happiness, security, and strength we experience. I have found this not only to be true- but to be an excellent overall guide when making decisions.