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  • Matching Investment

    Healers, counselors, and teachers generously give to people. It is a beautiful gift, but some recipients do not invest in their own healing. Consequently, your offering to them has a limited effect.

  • Modeling Openness

    Openness is perhaps the most fundamental element of establishing a natural way of being in our culture. But being open takes courage. It may leave us feeling vulnerable.

  • The Yang Side of Gratitude

    Thanksgiving is much like a harvest party. Each person brings a fruit, vegetable, meat, or dish from their field, ranch, or garden to celebrate their bounty. Metaphorically, you are bringing something you created or an aspect of yourself that you have developed this past year.

  • Integration and Planting Corn

    Many people are reading and studying all kinds of great spiritual material and teachings. This is a boon for increasing awareness. But for the majority of people I encounter, these teachings are kept at a conceptual level.

  • Claim Your Space

    Whatever experience you are in, you have as much of a right to be a part of it as anyone else does- simply because you are there. Other people may ascribe themselves to be more important than you, but that is merely their perspective. I argue that each experience you find yourself in needs your participation.

  • Good Vibration

    Everything vibrates… including you. Your consciousness determines what frequency you vibrate at. It is a choice.

  • Leader Mentality

    We were parented. We went to school. We were coached.

  • How You Affect Others Varies

    There is a huge variance on how you affect people. The 'natural gift' you offer them will have a large effect on the some and small effect on others. It often has to do with where they are at the time you interact with them.

  • Offering Your Natural Gift Free Class and Weekend Workshop in Spokane

    Your natural gift is the natural expression that spontaneously unfolds when you open your heart. This weekend workshop is based on Michael Hoffman's recently published book, Your Natural Gift. The workshop allows to participants to experience identifying, unlocking, awaking, and offering their natural gift.

  • Clear Advice

    Family, friends, and colleagues tend to give advice or suggestions to the people that they care about. However, most offer advice based on what they would do if they were in that person’s situation. The problem is they are not that person.

  • Keep Inviting People

    People do not like being told what to do. Yet we want to share things with them. Why not invite them?

  • Heaviness

    Life needs to be taken seriously. What we do things affects things near and far. Yet it does not need to be heavy.

  • Trial and error

    How do we learn when we have find the courage to risk and go beyond everything we know? Trail and error. We try something and see if it works or not.

  • I Believe in You Christian Ponder

    Christian Ponder is the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. He is in his second year in the NFL. He has had three back-to-back poor performances.

  • What is Your Medicine?

    The theme at our Summer Solstice ceremonies this year was identifying your natural gifts. Some Native Americans refer to these gifts as your medicine. When you access your medicine, you are virtually opening your heart and allowing your beauty and life energy to touch others.

  • Door Openers

    I received and watched an awesome video this week showing people saving dolphins that got washed up on a beach in Brazil. If you have not seen it, I recommend you take a few minutes and watch it now (video link). I found it not only hopeful for human-kind, but also fascinating to observe how people responded to an obvious need for help.

  • Stop Stealing Dreams (What is School For?)

    "The economy has changed, probably forever. School hasn't. School was invented to create a constant stream of compliant factory workers to the growing businesses of the 1900s.

  • Old School in a New way...

    I have always been drawn to people that are old school. They stand for something and have a strong sense of self and values. Our culture has progressed in a way that we have left some essential old school values behind- honesty, integrity, sense of community, etc.

  • Engage!

    I can still hear the word "Engage" echo in the voice of Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard at the end of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Engaging all life everywhere- what a cool mission. Engaging and connecting with others is the most powerful thing you can do.

  • It is a Good Thing You are Alive Right Now

    What if you chose to be here at this time? What if of all the times and places that you could have been born, you chose to be alive now. What if the talents, the way you grew up, and all of your life experiences were designed to equip you to have an effect during this time.

  • What is the Purpose of this Experience?

    There is likely a reason that you in the experience that you are in- a purpose specific to that experience. It may be something you need to learn. Or that you need to connect with someone there.

  • Send "Focused Thoughts" to Japan

    People underestimate the power of positive thought. Many do not believe it does anything. Focused thought creates an intention.

  • Sex Sells- but so does Passion

    When trying to influence another human being- it is the passion and emotion you lend to your message that people respond to- not the words. These days we are so overwhelmed with information that the words just come across as blah, blah, blah- kind of like the school teacher in Charlie Brown. Well, "I don't sell things or manipulate people," you might say.

  • Does It Plant Corn?

    January is the perfect time for introspection. The perfect time to discern what aspects of yourself and your life to develop over the next year. A Native American teacher of mine used to ask me, "Does it plant corn?" when I was telling him of the new thing I was fired up about.

  • What is Your Dream for Humankind?

    Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream. Not for just himself- but for his people, and ultimately for humankind. All dreams are awesome and powerful.

  • The World (Desperately) Needs You

    I watched a story on ABC's This Week Sunday morning where George Clooney is working with commercial satellites to expose human rights abuses in Sudan (link). It is called the Satellite Sentinel Project (link). He has found his true calling (we just thought it was acting).

  • Reaching Out is Vital

    Saying hi in line at the grocery store. Smiling (warmly). Introducing yourself.

  • Support Them While They Work It Out

    People find themselves in life situations they need to complete and understand. True compassion is allowing them (or yourself) to work out what they need to. We allow children to learn the lessons they need.

  • Calling All Linchpins...

    Linchpin by Seth Godin is the best book I have read in years (Amazon.com link). In his book, Godin explains, "The Linchpin is the essential element, the person that holds part of the operation together. Without the linchpin, the whole thing falls apart." Now Seth and his people are encouraging linchpins to get together for a second worldwide event on December 7 via Meetup.

  • Don't Underestimate the Effect You Have on Those Around You

    It is really easy to underestimate the effect you have on those around you. How you affect people is very difficult to discern. The effect of the way you carry yourself and the things you say and do is much larger than you think.

  • Your First Responsibility is to Yourself

    Before we can be of service to anyone else, we have to take care of ourselves. I call this keep ourselves intact. This includes: taking care of our emotional needs; taking care of ourselves financially; attending to our health; not allowing others to mistreat us.

  • Expose your Child, Grandchild, or Nephew/Niece to a Wariety of Things

    The more places and experiences young people can experience and feel comfortable in- the better. Why not have them experience: the opera, a dive bar, back-packing, an expensive restaurant, a hockey game, a country club, a middle-eastern restaurant, the subway, a rodeo, Nascar, a wine list, other countries, a Native American Pow-wow, golf, a construction site, a blue-grass festival, an art museum, skiing, and a Bar Mitzvah. And while your there, take the time to show them how those experiences wo...

  • Next Chapter of Your "Sense of Purpose"

    You have raised your children. They have moved out; your nest is empty. Continuing to parent them just seems to annoy them.

  • Guru: Dispeller of Darkness

    he syllable gu means shadows, The syllable ru, he who disperses them, because of the power to disperse darkness the guru is thus named. -Advaytarka Upanishad 14-18, verse 5 There is actually some debate about how the Sanskrit translates. I decided to go with the Upanishads etymology.

  • We Need "Anchors"

    We are more connected than ever. Connection makes us stronger than if we stood alone. But what are we connected to? We are connected to other people that are connecting.

  • Are You Going to Do It?

    There are lost souls all around you. Yes, they are human beings in human bodies. Can you see them?

  • Your Natural Blessing to Others

    We all have a profound spiritual gift.  We have something to offer that the world and the people around us desperately need right now.  Do you know what it is?

  • "But First, You Must Empty your Cup..."

    In the Zen tradition, Tea Ceremony is the most sacred of ceremonies. The teacher serving tea to the student ultimately signifies that the teacher is being of service to the student. The following story is a teaching passed to me from this oral-tradition, retold, based on my memory and story-telling style.