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  • ‘And’ not ‘Or’ with Emotional Needs

    Most parents and leaders honorably shift their consideration from what they need to what their children and followers need. During family experiences, a parent will often consider the emotional needs of her/his children over her/his own. So she/he may spend Christmas, for example, making sure that everyone else is getting what they need.

  • Win-Win Revisited

    Mortgage bankers play for keeps. Literally. Recent negotiations with my mortgage lender reminded me that they only care about their bottom line.

  • The 3 Worlds of a Relationship

    It is vitally important to spend time in each of three different worlds in a relationship. First, it is important to realize that you live in a different world (or different reality) than the person you are relating to. You perceive things differently.

  • We Have To Do Better

    Last week I was flying from St. Louis to Minneapolis and only had 15 minutes from when the plane would land and the door closing on my next flight. I was hopeful when I heard the flight attendant announce, "If you do not have a tight connecting flight, please let the people that have tight connections deplane first." When the door opened and people started exiting, I was disappointed.

  • Internalizing vs. Externalizing

    People tend to either internalize or externalize their emotional stress. Internalizers hold their anger and stress in- which leads to depression and tension. Externalizers, on the other hand, tend to act out aggressively with blame and sarcasm.

  • Team-up Against Each Others' Challenges

    We all get blocked, stuck, or overwhelmed on creative projects. So team-up with someone. Create a team with your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, colleague, or associate.

  • What's Going On in Your World?

    This was one of the favorite questions my mentor, Bart Anderson, would ask people. The first thing it helped me realize is that another person's world or reality may be vastly different than my own. Although geologically we live in the same world, our beliefs about it, and therefore experience of it, may be totally different.

  • Orchestrating Your Weekend

    It's Wednesday. Wake up. It's time to orchestrate your weekend.

  • Win-Win is Becoming More Profitable

    Business has been dominated by predatory interactions for some time. Prey on your customers when they are vulnerable- because you can. Until recently it has been difficult to argue that this is not the best way to be profitable.

  • Innovation is the Way Out

    I loved what Bill Gates said regarding energy on This Week Sunday, 6/13/2010 see clip.  Is not the oil spill in the gulf (not to mention global warming) a "call to action" to innovate some new energy sources?  Sure it is easy to blame BP and oil companies; they obviously need to be held accountable.

  • What Energy does this Experience Require?

    We typically respond to situations by what we say or do. But it is also essential to consider how we say it or do it. With what emotional or life energy do we offer our words or actions?

  • "Encompassing" to Benefit Everyone Involved

    Life happens fast. It is challenging to get out of yourself and become "part of" the experience that you are involved in. Most scramble to glean what they can for themselves.

  • Predatory versus Mutually Beneficial Interactions

    Our world has 'de-evolved' or degenerated to the place where predatory interaction is the norm. Predatory actions are based on the notion that I can only gain at someone else's expense. The underlying belief of predatory behavior (like that of greed) is that my resources are limited.

  • Where Have All the Barn Raisings Gone?

    Ever see one of the those old movies or westerns that show the small town coming together for a barn raising? The bad guys or some tragedy burned the person's house or barn down. The whole community then comes together and builds a new house or barn for them.

  • Start a New Family Tradition this Holiday Season

    We often rely on our family of origin for our family traditions. We have been doing them since we were little and they make the holidays feel special to us. This year, why not consider starting a new family tradition for your new or primary family?

  • From "I" to "We"- Expanding your Consciousness into Adulthood

    When entering a relationship, starting a family, or becoming part of something- it is essential to shift our level of consciousness from an "I" to a "we" perspective. We then take into consideration, make decisions, and take responsibility based on what is best for everyone in the marriage, family, or community. We are now a team.