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  • Offering Your Everyday Gift

    I wrote a book called Your Natural Gift last year and have between doing workshops and classes on it. The tendency of some participants is to step into being a spiritual teacher or healer and make a difference by offering their gift in that manner. And this is often very powerful and appropriate.

  • Uncomfortable with Beauty?

    In preparing for my Offering your Natural Gift Workshop next weekend, I have been working with finding support for our most essential gift- the beauty of our heart. For a culture so obsessed with physical beauty, we are not very comfortable with the true beauty of our being. Think about it.

  • Offering Your Natural Gift Workshop and Class Series

    Your natural gift is the natural expression that spontaneously unfolds when you open your heart. Based on Michael’s book, Your Natural Gift, this weekend workshop allows participants to experience identifying, unlocking, awakening, and offering their natural gift. The weekend workshop will be followed by a related, but separate 4-week class series offering support and guidance to integrate your natural gift and walk with your heart open.

  • Spirituality equals What is Important to You

    My favorite definition of spirituality is: what is important to you. I like it because it demystifies spirituality. Spiritual is often depicted as cosmic, other worldly, and separate from our daily life.

  • Exponentially Special

    Many people translate being special as being ‘more special'. We naturally evaluate ourselves in relation to everybody else. So there is tendency to think, “If I am not more special than everybody else, than I am not special.” Or, “I am special, so I am more special (or spiritual or important) than others.” Both of these distorted views make it difficult to access your unique natural gift.

  • Maybe there is Something You Came Here to Do

    We have come here for a reason. Maybe we chose to come here at this time to accomplish some specific things. Maybe have some unique gifts to offer the world at this time.

  • How Do You Choose to Express Your Joy?

    My all time favorite quote is "The choice is: how we affect, how we reflect our Buddha nature" by Bart Anderson. What if we did have did have a "Buddha nature" inside of us- a pure beauty, joy, and love that is pure possibility? Buddha nature (or Christ consciousness, life force, chi, passion, prana) is pure spiritual energy that is available to be "reflected" any way we choose.