Breaking Routine

Memorial Day weekend is here to launch Summer 2016. Summer is a time for vacations. A vacation (root word: vacate) presents an opportunity to step outside of our daily routine. It is interesting to note what is going on underneath the daily routine.

Our daily routine allows us to take care of business. It provides an interface to manage work, kids, family, bills, etc. It adds structure to our lives. It helps us function and deal.

But there is also a tendency to for us to go on automatic pilot with a routine. We start to do things without really thinking about it.

A vacation is an opportunity to take a break from your routine- to give it a rest. Hopefully there is some time to do whatever you feel like doing on your vacation. And, some time to think about whatever you want to think about.

What are you drawn to? What do you care about? (When you are not in your routine.)

No, I am not trying to turn your next vacation into a spiritual retreat. Continue to have your umbrella drinks and go paddle boarding.

It's just that breaking your routine for a week is such an opportunity. And it happens naturally as soon as you cease engaging in your routine, although it may take several days to fully decompress.

Perhaps you could talk about what it feels like to not have to do anything while you go on your sunset walk on the beach. What do you feel like doing tomorrow? Try starting a sentence with, "You know what would be really fun..."

Noticing what you are drawn to is a direct window to your soul. It is an opportunity to touch what is going on in your heart underneath the demands and responsibilities of everyday life.

Just notice it- is all I am suggesting. What is going on in there? What are you passionate about? What is like to have a free thought?

Then perhaps you may wish to realign your life with what is going on inside. Or not. But at least you got an untarnished view of what is feels like to be you. And that is something of inestimable value.


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