In our tradition, one of the ways we address Spirit is as “brother-friend.” This intentionally puts Spirit and us on the same level. It is my brother (or sister) and friend. If you are a part of Spirit and all of life, wouldn’t you be on the same level with it? This becomes practically important when connecting to Spirit, as it is difficult to connect with something that is on a different level.

Our minds tend to create hierarchies and levels with things. To our ego, we are either higher or lower than everything and everyone else. We determine where we fit in relation to the social caste systems based on looks, affluence, and whatever else. Even when I go to some spiritual gatherings, I observe people trying to determine if they are more awakened than other people. We seem insistent to establish a pecking order to determine where we fit.

So of course Spirit or God goes to the top of the list. We put ourselves way below it. Some even call it their higher power. So we try to pray or relate to this being or life force that is far above us. And then it follows that we do not really deserve to be close to or connected to something so elevated. This creates separation.

So regardless of your beliefs, find a way not put yourself below Spirit or God. Step-up. If this seems to go against your religion or spiritual practice, I invite you to think about a way that it could work.

Then you can have an accessible relationship with Spirit or God. You can have conversations. You can ask for help as you would a friend. You can say, “I am having a rough time here, can you help me out?” You can hang out together. And most importantly, you can part of Spirit and all of life.

Where do you see yourself in relation to Spirit or God?


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