Collaborative Doorways

The following is an excerpt that I just wrote in the draft of my upcoming book, Natural Way of Being:

If the natural way of being is collaborative as described in chapter 2, it only makes sense that opening a doorway to something new would be collaborative. While natural creation is essentially collaborative in the way it unfolds things energetically with the universe, this discussion of collaborative doorways is referring to collaborating other human beings. Many times the doorway to the thing you intended comes in the form of another human being.

In natural creation, our intention creates doorways. When opening a doorway with someone, we need to see the possibility of collaboration and extend them an invitation to create a collaborative intention. You are inviting them to open a doorway together.

A collaborative intention is an invitation to create something together. It starts with seeing the possibility of creating something collaboratively. It could be a project, a business, or a friendship. Regardless of the form it takes, its essence is partnership.

To see the possibility of such a partnership, you have to be ever mindful of your personal intention that you created in the second step of the natural creation cycle. You then find common ground with the person or people that you are relating to. So during the natural creation process, you are perpetually seeing opportunities and reaching out to open doorways with people.

To do this you have to see beyond your judgment and things about them that do not work for you. You are not marrying them. You are just teaming up with them for a specific collaborative intention. So focus on the glass half-full and the positive aspects that they bring to your partnership.

When you offer the invitation to them, it is often in the form of a shared experience. This is most effective when you do it in the moment. This allows for the timing of the creation to be natural. It also insures that the person you are collaborating with is ready for the partnership. This is the essence of allowing things to unfold...

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