Completing 2013

What do you have left to complete in 2013? The end of the year makes a nice demarcation to complete the unfinished things in your life. A rite of passage from 2013 to 2014. As well, the holidays provide an ideal time to see family and friends to have meaningful conversations. It is a time to say unsaid things such as letting someone know how much they mean to you or that you don't appreciate something they have been doing (or not doing).

These coming weeks also serve as a time to tie up loose ends on things you have been distracted from or procrastinating with. There may be tasks or projects that just need final touches such as a phone call, email, or decision to complete them.

So what do you need to complete in order to have a clean slate in 2014?

One perspective to help you determine what may be incomplete is the Lakota Sioux phrase Hoka Hey or, “It’s a good day to die” It is told that Crazy Horse shouted this as he led his warriors in to battle. One interpretation is that the Native American warriors made sure that everything was complete in their life before they went into battle. Then if they did not return, nothing was left incomplete.

So if you were going into battle and may not return, what would you want to say to people? What would you put in order?

The things that you would say or put in order are likely the things you need to complete. So why not say them in 2013? Once they are complete, it is a good day to die.

And if it is a good day to die, it is a good day to live.

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