Don't Believe Your Thoughts

At the end of his liberating, must-read book, The End of Your World, Adyashanti does an interview with Tami Simon. He identifies the difference of his enlightened state is that he no longer believes the thoughts he has. Adyashanti (2008) explains, "I have no control over what thoughts appear, but I can’t believe that the thought is real or true or significant." He describes that as, "the experience of freedom."

So the key to freedom is simply to not believe your thoughts. They are not real. Thoughts are always generated from a subjective perspective, and one perspective is no more true than another. A thought is at best a thin slice of the pie of 'what is'.

Further, it is insanity to look to your thoughts to find reality. They are just thoughts. They will tell you all kinds of whacky things about yourself, other people, and the world. Do not believe them- not for a minute. They are just thoughts. Believing they are real creates delusion and separateness. Which, as the Buddhists would say, always results in suffering.

This is the value of meditation. You can observe your thoughts. Do not try to make them go away, but see them as 'just thoughts'. And slowly you may begin to experience something beyond your thoughts. And that at least has a fighting chance of being real.

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