Don’t Forget to Give Thanks to Yourself

Happy Thanksgiving! It is the ultimate holiday of gratitude and abundance. It is the perfect time to give thanks for all the things in your life. Typically, gratitude is depicted as selfless- and it does have a feeling of awe and humility. But what about giving thanks to yourself? Didn’t you ultimately allow and even create the things that you received? At least partly.

So I invite you to thank yourself… for showing up, for opening new doorways, for putting yourself in the fray, standing up for what you believe in, for listening, for getting out of your warm bed when it is dark and cold and going to work, for caring, for opening up your heart after it got burned, for having children, for forgiving people who hurt you, for reaching out to others in need, for being born, for making ends meet, for brushing yourself off and trying again, for getting married, for trusting yourself, and for not giving up.

And that is just a start.

Because, if you do not offer gratitude to yourself, how can it be complete? Without acknowledging your part, you are back to being unworthy and being offered undeserved grace. Bleck!

Come on. Gratitude has to be a two-way street. You have to create and allow abundance and creation provides and unfolds it. And besides, you are part of creation anyway. And without you creating and allowing, there would be no home for anything to be received.

So be gracious and give thanks. And this year offer an extra prayer of thanks to yourself. I promise, it not selfish. It merely completes the circle. And deepens your gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving. And keep up the good work!

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