Don’t Let Life (and Spirit) Pass You By

Many of us are not used to being open. We are reluctant to allow the life energy of experiences in. And, we often do not take the time and effort to offer our intention out. This keeps us energetically walled off from life and creation. So the life energy of the universe (or spirit) is forced to flow around us.

It’s not that that spirit does not want to flow through us and dance with us. But if we wall ourselves off, it is forced to flow around us- like rock in a stream. The essence of spirit is to flow. It cannot not flow. If we are open, it flows through us. If we are not, it flows around us.

So, if we are open, and thereby cease separating ourselves from it, spirit can flow through us. Then our energy is part of the flow of creation. Our intention is felt and the universe interacts with it. It is then only natural for the universe to provide us with its abundance, because we are part of it.

So two things need to happen if we want spirit to dance with us and we want to become part of creation and its abundance. We have to allow life energy in and put our intention out. When we allow the energy of experiences in, spirit can flow through us. When we let our intention out, it can interact with all of creation and open doors to our abundance.

Otherwise, we are just sitting there watching life (and spirit) pass us by.

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1. wrote:
Beautiful. And a great reminder. Thank you for sharing your intentional words!

Sun, January 26, 2014 @ 12:53 PM

2. Michael wrote:
Thank you. I am glad it served as a reminder. Your name did not come through... Is this James perhaps? Just curious.

Sun, January 26, 2014 @ 9:01 PM

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