Emotions Pass Quickly.

One of the greatest fears of feeling emotions is that if we allow ourselves to feel them, the feeling will never stop. Like most fears this is not rational. The truth is if we truly allow ourselves to feel the emotion, it passes through fairly quickly. We may be sad for an afternoon or couple of days, but then one day we wake up and feel a lot better.

If it a larger grief issue, the emotions may cycle through several times. We may feel angry for an afternoon and then it passes. Then we might feel sad for a few days before it dissipates. After several months of feeling, we start to feel better.

Ironically, it is only when we do not allow ourselves to feel the emotion that it lingers. If we do not allow ourselves to feel it, then the energy of the emotion has no way to release itself. It then takes the form of depression, anxiety or some chronic, lingering emotional state. It is in this way that our fear of the feeling never stopping self-fulfills itself.

Over time we become attached to the unexpressed feeling. We identify with it and it becomes part of our personality. Our friends and family see us as being quiet or intellectual. Or, it becomes part of our psychological diagnosis. The doctor tells us we have anxiety, depression, or some other disorder.

In our culture, personalities and diagnoses are seen as static states that we have to live with or treat. But the truth is that personality is a choice and many disorders can go away.

How? By feeling the emotions that we were not willing to feel in the first place. We may be so disenfranchised with the feelings that we may need a therapist or a tool such as journaling to help us to rediscover what they are.

It takes courage to feel a deep feeling. But if you do, I promise you it will pass relatively quickly.

And you will feel so much better on the backside.

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