Exponentially Special

Many people translate being special as being ‘more special'. We naturally evaluate ourselves in relation to everybody else. So there is tendency to think, “If I am not more special than everybody else, than I am not special.” Or, “I am special, so I am more special (or spiritual or important) than others.” Both of these distorted views make it difficult to access your unique natural gift.

The reality is that you are special, but so is everybody else. Everybody is special in a different way. And the world needs each type of specialness to navigate through the challenging time that we are in.

So rediscover and celebrate your specialness- it is beautiful and unique. And also celebrate the specialness of those around you. It does not take anything away from your specialness.

Because everyone’s specialness needs to come out. And when specialness comes out in our challenging world, it needs the support of others. So being special is a group mission. It has to be inclusive.

And wouldn’t it be cool if your specialness could collaborate with the specialness of others.

That would be exponentially special.

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