Fall: Harvest and Completion

Fall is the time of harvest on the Medicine Wheel or wheel of life. It is when all the things you have been creating take their mature form in the world.

It is like an art opening. You have been working on your creation all summer. People have seen it, but you got to say, "It is this new thing I am working on." But now in the fall, it is time to say, "This is my harvest, I hope you like it." Or even better, "I hope it brings value to you."

And people begin to respond to your creation. It feels vulnerable.

I love the tradition of a harvest festival or party. Everyone brings a fruit, vegetable, or dish from their field or garden. It is saying, "This is my harvest this year. I offer it to my people." It is a celebration of abundance and richness. It nourishes and sustains the community.

So the fall questions I pose to you are: What is the metaphorical fruit of your harvest that you bring to the harvest party? Or... What did you create this year? And how does it interface with your community?

Relax. My friends Eve Costello and John Hogard do not have their awesome harvest party until early October. You still have time to pull together your offering.

For this reason, the fall is also the time of completion on the Medicine Wheel. You have had the summer to explore and try out new things. Now it is time to bring it to a focus. What have you been working with inside yourself? Is it ready to ship? What do you need to do to in order to complete it?

It doesn't have to be a thing. It can be a new energy. A new aspect of yourself. A new way of being. Perhaps a new confidence or strength. It is the next version of your natural gift.

So pull together what you have been working with. And then don't be shy. Offer up your best and introduce it to your people. Say, "This is the new expression of my heart. It is what I bring to the table. Enjoy!"

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