Family Counseling

Michael Hoffman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 25 years experience in family therapy and counseling business relationships. He offers Family Therapy and Relationship Counseling. Michael's office is at:

300 SE Reed Market Rd,
Ste 205, Bend, OR 97702
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Family Counseling

Michael draws on systems theory and other family therapy approaches to help people understand their maladaptive behavioral patterns and unconscious roles in the family to improve the overall health of the family and everyone in it. He utilizes techniques to help family members empathize and understand what it is like for the other people in the family. He then encourages members to express their perspective and the feelings associated with it to allow healing and empowerment. Communication skills and parenting techniques are offered as needed to create a new way of functioning within the family.

Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling refers counseling between friends, extended family, business partners, and employers and employees. These types of relationships often involve spending a great deal of time together which results in a family-like relationship. The time and intensity of the roles and interactions within these relationships creates undo stress on the relationship and people in it. Michael facilitates interactions to help the each person involved understand what it is like for other person or people they are associating with.

Successful relationships in families, friendships, and business all require establishing conscious contracts and clear parameters. Contracts are the often unspoken agreements about what is expected in a relationship. Insight work is required to become aware of the contracts so they can be spoken and agreed upon. Parameters are limits about where each person is willing and not willing to go within the relationship. Each person is supported to find the clarity to understand their parameters and the strength to assertively set them.