Feel it now or Feel it later

Remember the Fram oil filter commercial with the mechanic holding the oil filter and saying you can pay me now or pay me later? Feelings are like that. The idea that you can stuff a feeling is a misconception. It is more accurately thought of as delaying feeling the feeling. Eventually… all your feelings come out to play.

Bart Anderson described this as, “You can feel it willingly, or on your hands and knees.” This refers to the fact that if you keep stuffing your feeling, it eventually comes out on its terms- which may be very painful, scary, or disorienting. We commonly refer to these times as a nervous breakdown, panic attack, depression, or a mid-life crisis.

Feelings are best described as energy- call it emotional energy. When we stuff a feeling, the emotional energy gets trapped in our body. And trapped energy causes dis-ease. Stuffing a feeling may later manifest itself as depression, anxiety, addiction, martial problems, or even physical disease.

But all this can be avoided if you are willing to feel and come to terms with feelings as they come up.

Feelings can be very inconvenient and messy. Expressing them takes courage. It stirs up fear and feels like you are losing control. Which of course is why so many people stuff them.

But now you know that they are not going to go away on their own.

I recommend a commitment to yourself that whenever a big feeling comes up, you find a good person to share the feeling with.

So which do you tend to do? Do you take the time and energy to express feelings to come up? Or do you stuff them for another day?

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