Good Vibration

Everything vibrates… including you. Your consciousness determines what frequency you vibrate at. It is a choice. When you vibrate at a high frequency, your ability to make a difference and affect other people increases exponentially.

Successful and powerful people discipline themselves to vibrate at a high level. They do not allow themselves to get distracted by setbacks and other people’s trips. They are consistent with their energy. People can rely on their energy to be strong and pure.

My tradition calls this buffalo medicine. Spiritual
elders and leaders walk with buffalo medicine. It is based upon reliability, consistency, and steadfastness. It is their vibration and the energy they carry that is reliable and steadfast.

So it is vitally important to be consistent with your energy. Do not lower it for anyone or anything. I used to lower my vibration to connect with people, but then we were both lost. If one person is in the whirlpool and you are on the bank, better to throw them a rope then to jump in with them.

Instead, invite them to vibrate at a higher level with you. Help them experience what it feels like. Even if you reach out and go into their world, you do not need to lower your vibration.

It is learning to let the drama pass by. It is not getting emotionally involved in the turmoil of the world. It is not getting drawn into negativity. You can’t afford it. The consistency on your vibration is too important for you and the people you touch.

It may be necessary to be more selective with the people and experiences you involve yourself with. We are all affected by our environments. If we surround ourselves with people who choose to vibrate at a high level, our energy is available at the defining moment. And that makes all the difference in the world.

So what can you do to carry your energy at a consistent, high vibration?

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