Individual Counseling

Michael Hoffman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 25 years experience in counseling and psychotherapy. He offers psychotherapy, mental health counseling, rites of passage, dream interpretation and guided imagery. Michael's office is at:

300 SE Reed Market Rd,
Ste 205, Bend, OR 97702
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Emotion Resolution Counseling

Unresolved feelings and limiting belief systems create blocks to the natural way of being and the life you would have for yourself. Emotion Resolution Counseling provides awareness and insight to unlock these blocks and release any suppressed feelings.

Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counseling

Michael treats depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, and relationship stress. He empowers clients to manage their lives through by providing insight, education and skills. He works collaboratively with a variety of providers including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and education and learning specialists. He utilizes on Cognitive-Behavorial Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Existential and Experiential approaches to provide the most effective treatment available to his clients.

Life Development Transitions and Existential Crises

Michael has a deep passion to help people transition from one stage of life to another. Our culture has largely lost its emphasis on honoring and celebrating natural life developmental changes. Consequently, many people get stuck in a developmental stage that no longer fits the roles and situations in their current lives. This may manifest as existential depression, out of character, and irresponsible behavior, and/or loss of purpose. A common example of this has been termed empty nest syndrome.

Michael helps clients who are experiencing this redefine what is important to them and reinvent their lives. He conducts rites-of-passage ceremonies such as Adolescent Coming of Age and Mid-life Transition ceremonies to acknowledge and mark the transition from one phase of life to another.  (See his Ceremony & Rites of Passage page for greater detail on this.)

Dream interpretation and Guided Imagery

Michael also help clients understand what is going on inside of them employing Jungian symbolism, archetypes, and dream interpretation. He also draws upon guided meditation and breathing exercises to manage his client's anxiety, stress, and depression.