Intention and Parameters

Many of us let fate take its course with our experiences. We say, "We will see what happens." But what if we want to create our fate and orchestrate the experiences that we want? Creating such experiences requires a foundation of intention and parameters.

Intention is asking, “What do I want to happen in this experience? What is the most important thing about this experience?”

Parameters provide structure for your intention to unfold. Parameters include: (1) the things that are required for the experience you want to happen, and (2) the things that have no place in the experience.

So say I am meeting with friend that I have not seen for a while and decide my intention is to find out what is really going on with him. Accordingly, the parameters might require meeting in a place where we can talk. It would also require me to be willing to ask serious questions at some point in the conversation.

Things that have no place in the experience to get might include being distracted by other friends joining us (at least for the whole time), reminiscing about our history for the entire time, and drinking. These things are not wrong in themselves, but just do not fit my intention for the experience. So for this intention it might be best to meet for a quiet place for lunch or a walk in the park.

Intention and parameters set the stage for the experience we want to happen. They are not controlling the experience. Once you have the intention and parameters in place, you can allow the experience to unfold in the way that it needs to.

You are creating a structure that you can let go inside of.

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