Intention Opens Doors

Without clear intention nothing happens- at least nothing real. There is a lot of talk in spiritual circles (mine included) about allowing things to unfold. But significant experiences don’t just happen. When something powerful opens up for us, it was our intention (or someone else’s) that opened the door for it to happen.

Let’s use the example of doing ceremony. I use ceremony in workshops for people to experience their natural gift. Once the energy of the ceremony kicks in, it affects people in ways that I could not have foreseen or understood intellectually. At that point, it is best to ‘get out of the way’ and things to unfold.

However, without the intention of the facilitator declaring, “I open the door for people to experience their natural gift” (or whatever you intend for them), the transformative energy or ‘magic’ never happens.

But why reserve this for ceremony or spiritual practice? Why not walk with clear intention in your everyday life? So whether in a workshop, yoga class, party, birthday party, business event, lunch with a friend, vacation, date, or any orchestrated experience, someone needs to have the courage to say, “I want this happen.” This bold intention energetically opens the door for extraordinary things to happen.

Sure it takes more focus and work. But why not take an extra moment going into an experience, and honestly ask yourself, “What would I like to see happen in this experience?” (Note: it only really works if you consider what is best for everyone involved.) Then send out an intention or prayer for that to happen. And then watch what unfolds.

Say you are going to a business meeting. You take that extra moment and think to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone in this meeting felt like they were a part of the decision making process?” And you put out that intention. And then you act in accordance with that intention during the meeting. So you ask the smart and quiet introvert in the meeting what she thinks. And you encourage to share her idea even though she says, “I don’t know” (because she does).

You will be amazed at what happens. People leave saying, “Wow, that was the coolest meeting I have ever been to.”

Why is that? Because you cared enough to create an intention.

What experiences that you participate in could benefit from you creating an intention?

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1. Steven Young wrote:
Wonderful information! I recently schedule a visit to a competitor in my own line of work. I was a bit scared because there was potentially a lot at stake and I was not sure how the meeting would turn out. My first intention was to set up the meeting and face my fears. My second intention, which quickly arose in the meeting, was to listen. This guy was like a water spigot turned on high. His information was flowing. I was there for information. We concluded the meeting cordially and he said I hope that helped.

Now, in the day and half that followed this conversation (and in this quiet, reflective time of year) I was able work with the information that was presented to me. I understood a fair amount about his business and his goals. I already understood my business and my goals. Now my mind was free to create a synthesis and explore the possibilities.

I continued to work with the intentions, what I am looking for, and how we can benefit one another. Soon I could see a great many possibilities and benefits. Now I thought, what is my best course of action? And a new set of intentions had to come into play. I worked with these intentions long enough to pare them down. I wanted a meeting with him and his wife (50% stake holder). I wanted a meeting at a time when it is convenient and there are no distractions. I wanted a meeting to discuss the benefits of cooperation.

Now when my call went out to schedule this meeting I took control, I presented clear intentions of what I would like to talk about, who I would like to talk with, and how I would like to meet. I had a great deal of confidence on this phone call because I had thought about it and prepared for it. It worked! And it felt good!

These skills may be elementary to other business "pros", but they are fairly new to me. I appreciate the work Michael Hoffman is doing to bring these skills to light in order to help people like me develop.

Steven Young
Bath Techs

Thu, January 30, 2014 @ 10:05 PM

2. Michael wrote:
Thanks for your comment Steven. So cool to hear that you are integrating these concepts in the daily walk of your life. These skills are intended to help people 'plant corn' and make change in the real world- not to just be conceptual and cool. I honor your courage.

Thu, January 30, 2014 @ 10:23 PM

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