Internal Resources

We are trained to look outside of ourselves for answers. But our truth lies inside, along with our instincts, intuition, and spiritual connection. But in order to tap into these things we have to develop our internal resources. Like all skills, these resources are developed by using them. In other words, by going inside for answers. By breaking the habit of looking outside of ourselves for them.

Internal resources are developed by asking yourself how you feel about something. And by asking yourself what you think. By questioning what the outside is telling you and going inside to see if it feels right.

After a while we learn to trust our internal resources.

You can teach your child or student or client or friend to develop and trust their internal resources. It involves asking them what they think and what they feel a lot. It is one of the greatest gifts that you can give someone.

Try it out. The next time you see yourself or someone looking outside for the answer, simply ask yourself or them, “What do you think?”

I do it all day long as a therapist and spiritual guide. It usually goes something like this. The client says, “My boss says we need to go in this direction with the project.” To which I respond, “Really, what do you think?”

Or they might say, “My husband thinks I am too sensitive.” And I say (you guessed it), “Really, what do you think?” And I might add, “So how you feel about that?” It is amazing what it leads to.

The part that is a little sad to me is that they often look at me like no one ever asked them that before. So I keep asking. After a while they just start telling me what they think and feel right off.

Which means that they have started to develop their internal resources.

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