Letting Go of the Picture

Creating a picture of something in your mind is essential when creating things. It helps us envision the thing we are manifesting and create an ideal to strive toward.

However, there comes a time in our creation cycle that it is necessary to let go of the picture so the actual thing can come into our lives. If we do not let go of the picture the real thing often falls short and we push it away. Or, we do not recognize the thing we manifested because it comes in a different form than we pictured.

The classic example of manifesting abundance is to have a picture of a red Ferarri on your fridge so you can envision it. Then later after working toward our goal, we get an amazing deal on a yellow Ferarri and we don't accept it because it did not match our picture.

The red Ferarri is intended to be a lodestar and ideal to walk toward. It does not serve to take it literally when our dream becomes reality. Our Ferarri can take many forms.

Pictures are huge in seeking a relationship. It is essential to think of the elements that we are looking for in a relationship and in the person. Some even create a checklist of sorts to identify the qualities in the person that they are looking for.

But when it is time to meet someone, it helps to put the picture aside, so you can experience the connection, chemistry, and how you feel when you are with them.

And... of course it is useful to determine if the picture is our picture or that of our society or peer group. If we don't watch it, other people's pictures can control our lives.

Is it time to let go of your picture?


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