Maladaptive Anxiety

Our lives are busy. How are we going to get it all done? Many of us rely on anxiety to keep our edge. It adds a little adrenaline and energy to accomplish all the things required of us.

However, anxiety edge is a two-edged sword. It approaches life as if we are responding to crises. If there is not a crisis there, we tend to make it into one. We become embroiled in everyday trials that do not deserve so much stress. It results in us attaching to experiences rather than flowing through them.

It also employs our fight or flight response. Our emotional state translates this as being at-risk and fighting for our survival. So a simple task such as picking the kids up from sports practice carries larger than life survival anxiety.

This leads to us to running lots of anxiety for large portions of our life. We never get to set it down. We miss out on enjoying the richness and subtleties of life.

Anxiety and fear also prevents us from allowing the energy of the problem or situation in so we can solve it with our inner resources such as clarity, empathy and intuition.

The alternative? Find another way to function in our challenging and action-packed day.

I call it believing in your survivability. It is believing that if I calmly allow the problem in and employ my resources, it will all get done. It requires us to trust ourselves.

Of course maladaptive anxiety is very habit forming- if not addictive. This requires us to discipline ourselves to stop relying on anxiety and to start believing in our ability to pull it off. And reminding ourselves that even if we don't, everyone is going to survive the experience.

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