Medicine You Can Count On

This time of year is represented in the north of the Medicine Wheel in my tradition. The spirit keeper of the north is the Buffalo. The Buffalo stands for reliability, consistency, dependability, and steadfastness.

Occasionally, when I did ceremony with my teacher, it was time to let go of something that was way out of my comfort zone. I would look at him and say, "Do you have me covered on this?" He would say yes and I would believe him- because he carried the reliability of Buffalo medicine. This allowed me to cross over my fear and inhibition and claim a new aspect of myself.

Buffalo medicine allows people to trust you and rely on you. If you want to see where you are at with the development of buffalo medicine in yourself, observe to what extent people are able to count on you. Some call this being an anchor. The thing that anchors people is being able to trust and rely on you so they can explore life and take healthy risks.

Throughout my life, I relied on people that carried this medicine to feel safe enough to take healthy risks spiritually and in my day-to-day life. So many of the best things in life require taking risks and being vulnerable. It is essential for human beings to have support to try new things.

This is a huge part of effective parenting. The parent's reliability allows that child to trust and rely on them enough to explore and take the healthy risks necessary for their development. This emotional safety zone is like a base-camp for them to venture out and explore life from.

So once again the most powerful and essential medicine or spiritual gifts are not flashy healings or spiritual experiences, but rather the daily reliability and consistency that allows the people around us to feel safe enough to try new things.

To what extent can people rely on you?

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