Managing Multiple Doorways in Various Stages of Development

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 10- The Dance of Unfoldment in Michael Hoffman's upcoming book, Natural Way of Being:

With the Dance of Unfoldment, when a doorway to something new opens, step into and explore it. Take it as far as it can go. Typically, a doorway will unfold for a while and then hit a point where it requires time for something further to develop. Then you can leave it in a place that you can return to and let it incubate for a while.

Even after this first doorway opens, continue your practice of creating the conditions for unfoldment. If you are open to it, while your first doorway is still unfolding or developing, a new doorway will open. Step into it. That's right, you are going to get more than one horse in the race and step into multiple doorways. No more applying for one job and waiting to hear.

This managing multiple doorways approach becomes your practice. Over time, you will have several doorways all unfolding at different stages at the same time. Your practice consists of: taking doorways as far as they can go, stepping into new doorways, and going back to previous doorways when something new breaks free.

This the rinse and repeat step. You are continually reaching out, creating connections, and stepping into doorways. It is a numbers game. You are leveraging your situation while maintaining your intention. You rely on the abundance of multiple doorways to produce the unfoldment of your intention.

At first, fear of overwhelm may appear. This approach is different than a linear way of working- it is multi-directional. You may have been conditioned to work with one project until it is done and then move onto the next project. At this juncture you may think, "What if several things open up?" Or, "What if I get both jobs?" Or perhaps, "What if several people like me?"

In business, we call this a "good problem." Although it may feel awkward and uncomfortable, you ultimately get to pick the best doorway. Or perhaps you end up going with parts of several doorways. It is only your linear mind and its limited thinking that worries about too many good things happening at once.

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