No Longer Serves You

During a recent Offering Your Natural Gift workshop in Spokane, we were looking at the things that got in the way of offering our natural gift. Some people initially defended the things that they had been doing. Their defensiveness decreased when we acknowledged that there was nothing wrong with what they were doing, it merely no longer served them.

Some of the things that were obstructing them gave them great value in the past. They were simply at a different level of development now. This goes against the notion that behaviors are inherently good or bad. Rather, they merely either serve where you are now or they do not.

An example was when I started my art gallery business in Boise in 1996. I built it from scratch and learned to make things happen. I went from being passive to realizing that I could create the things in my life.

But years later I realized that same approach no longer served me. I had gotten all the value I could from making things happen. It was time to learn a new way to create things by allowing things to unfold. So 15 years ago my skill of making things happen (also known as forcing things) freed me from being passive. But now the same skill gets in the way of me allowing things to unfold. It no longer serves me.

So I never did anything wrong. It simply served me at one time and now it does not. So there is no need to be defensive or feel guilty. But perhaps it is best to let it go so I can experience something new.

In my tradition, we speak of releasing the lessons of what no longer serves you so someone else can learn them.

Can you think of something that no longer serves you? Perhaps it is time to give it away.

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