Nothingness- the World of the In-Betweens

This is a challenging yet powerful time of year on the Medicine Wheel or cycle of life. The Medicine Wheel maps out the changes in the cycle of the earth so that we can find balance with creation and ourselves.

In my Medicine Wheel tradition, the death of the old happens half-way between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox which falls on about February 5. During this time between the death of the old (in early February) and birth of the new (at the Spring Equinox on March 20) is the time between the old and new cycle. I call it the world of the in-betweens- as you do not fit in your old world any more, but your new vision has not yet arrived.

People often describe themselves as lost and lacking focus during this time of year- and this is natural. It is the time of the void- the dark and the unformed. A time of nothingness. You may get fleeting images of the new, but they often do not make sense yet.

This sense of nothingness often creates an uncomfortable feeling in us as it feels like there is nothing to hold onto. However, there is also great value in this space as all things are born out of emptiness. If you are able to allow the nothingness and not distract yourself from it, something new and valuable will be born in the spring.

So the focus is to allow the nothingness. Let it be quiet. Do not force things or retreat to your old cycle for comfort. Let it be OK that you do not have your usual sense of direction.

This requires a lot of trust- or some call it faith. It is the trust that new things will emerge out of the nothingness.

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