Offering Your Everyday Gift

I wrote a book called Your Natural Gift last year and have between doing workshops and classes on it. The tendency of some participants is to step into being a spiritual teacher or healer and make a difference by offering their gift in that manner. And this is often very powerful and appropriate.

However, I have found is that the world tends to change one experience at a time. And, the most effective make-a-difference opportunities come to us naturally throughout the course of our day. We have most impact on the people around us through the energy we carry, the way we respond, and the action we take.

It is one of the reasons I called it your natural gift. It is the thing you offer people in situations that come up naturally.

To offer your gift, allow the energy of the experience in. Allow your internal resources such as your intuition and instincts interact with the experience. And then trust your gut and take action, or in my words, offer your natural gift.

The people in the experience need your gift and perception of the situation. You are likely experiencing the same event very differently than they are. You have different life experiences and have developed different parts of yourself than they have. Something that is totally blind to them may be extremely obvious to you. So when you offer your perspective, it is a true gift to them.

This is different than offering advice. You are giving them the gift of your perspective on the situation- not what they should do. This is vital because what they should do is often different than what you should do if you were in that situation. They have different lessons to learn, different values, and a different life path.

But what if they ask for advice?

I try to support them to figure it out for themselves.

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