Only You Can Separate Yourself From Spirit

If you are separate from Spirit, it is because you separated yourself from it. Spirit will never leave you. Only you can break the connection. You are always welcome. There are no orphans.

Spirit (or God, Creation, or the universe) does not know separation. Separation does not even exist on the other side. The reality is that you are not separate. It is just a story you tell yourself. But because you believe you are separate, you experience life as being so.

So what is your story? Do you tell yourself that you do not deserve to be with Spirit? That is the one I hear most. Is it something that you have not forgiven yourself for?

Or is it you that has not forgiven God? For what he allowed to happen.

Or did life get too painful? And you had to distract or numb yourself from feeling alive?

Whatever it is, it is your trip- not Spirit’s. Spirit still embraces you. You have just forgotten.

So only you can reconnect with spirit. You just have to choose to be open to it. You may have to navigate through some limiting self-beliefs and illusory fears. They may seem really real and valid, but they are not.

I used to experience my separation from and connection to Spirit every Summer Solstice when we did ceremony. It happened in sweat lodge one year. It was a ceremonial dance the next. I clearly remember sitting there on the ground sobbing with all this love and support all around me. It was so sad that I had separated myself again. And so joyful to reconnect.

Apparently I  forgot during the hustle and bustle of the passing year. I once again bought into the illusion of being separate. Then during the ceremony, I allowed myself to be touched. And I remembered again.

So how do you separate yourself from Spirit?

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