Open Doors, the Veil, and Possibility

I often speak of opening doors to new possibilities. When a door opens, it is actually opening from inside the invisible veil of our illusions and limiting self-beliefs to the natural world where all possibility exists. This veil that we surround ourselves with becomes our contrived reality and obstructs our ability to see possibility.

When we create an intention, its energy opens a door through the veil of our reality so we can access the possibilities that are all around us.

Many religions and psychologies refer to this veil of illusion. The Hindus call it maya. Some Buddhists prefer samsara. The cognitive behavioral therapists call it cognitive distortion. There are various distinctions, but most agree that these illusions cloud our ability to see things as they are and thereby prevent us from realizing that we are free. They also see it as the root of our suffering.

It may feel like the universe or God or Spirit is providing a possibility to us because we prayed for it or intended it. Rather, this view posits the possibilities are already there and a natural part of creation. Our intention or prayer merely opens the door to us seeing and claiming it.

Sometimes it takes time for the door to open. Our energy and inner consciousness collaborates with the universe to create the conditions necessary for the door in our veil to open.

Something happens such as us being caught off guard, listening to music, or connecting with someone, and it allows us to see possibilities beyond the veil. It often feels like an “aha” experience. It is the feeling of allowing ourselves to see how beautiful and unlimited things really are.

So what possibilities would you like to access on the other side of your veil? They are there waiting for you.

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