Personal Coaching

In-person coaching is effective at creating the way of life you would have for yourself. Michael provides many skills and techniques to unfold you desired variation of a more natural and simple way of life. They also provide preparation before Weekend Workshops and Ceremonies, and integration after. These individual sessions allow Michael to focus solely on you and your highest benefit.

In-person sessions allow the highest form of connection and communication and are highly recommended if you are able to visit Michael's Office in Bend, Oregon. He sometimes starts sessions with a smudge ceremony or other awakening ceremony of your preference so the session can be in ceremony.

Michael's office is at:

61287 Kristen St.
Bend, OR 97702

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Some Modalities and Uses of Individual Sessions:

Full Circle Creation

Full Circle Creation is the term from Michael's forth-coming book that describes a way of creating and unfolding the things you would like to have in your life. It starts with a clear intention and then features allowing doors to open rather than forcing the new thing into your life. Individual sessions are a great fit for this type of work as you can specifically apply the techniques to your specific life situation.

Spiritual Integration

So you have had a spiritual awakening. Or you have sat with a teacher or read a enlightening book. Now what? Have you become aware of spiritual truths, but not sure how they fit into your life? You are not alone. Spiritual Integration allows you to assimilate the spiritual teachings and wisdom into your life so you and the people around you can benefit from them. This also allows the teachings to move from a conceptual level to an experiential understanding.

Your Natural Gift Development

Your natural gift is the natural expression that spontaneously unfolds when you open your heart. Based on Michael Hoffman’s book Your Natural Gift, this work allows participants to experience identifying, unlocking, awakening, and offering their natural gift

Dream Interpretation

Learn to communicate with yourself. Jungian and beyond to give you a clear look and what your spirit or inner consciousness is trying to say to you.

Limiting Self-beliefs and Shadow work

The stories you tell yourself that block for from seeing and experiencing your beauty and natural gift. It employs Jung’s notion of working with the Shadow to access the aspects of yourself that lie just outside of your current consciousness.


Meditation is “receptivity to self” – self being our essence, which is connected to all of life. Effective meditation allows you to observe your thoughts and to focus on the consciousness beyond them. Michael Hoffman does guided meditations in the chakras or spiritual energy centers to help you naturally access subtle spaces of awareness inside yourself. He also helps you interpret the symbolism of their mediation to understand what is going on inside yourself.