Receiving Your Vision

Spring Equinox is the perfect time to seek your vision for the upcoming year. But what does it mean to receive a vision? I hear people say, Well I have never gotten a vision. Perhaps they are comparing their experience to a vision described in Black Elk Speaks. People experience visions in different ways.

What is a vision? A vision is communication from the part of you that is pure spirit to provide direction for your life. This allows to you to approach your upcoming year in collaboration with all of life.

How do you seek a vision? Most commonly visions are sought through prayer or intention. So ask Spirit (or life) to bring your vision. This is no time to be shy. If you can't think of a prayer, my favorite prayer is, "Show me my path, and give me the courage to follow it."

How do visions come to you? A vision often comes in the form of an idea. It may come in a dream or a meditation. It may come in the middle of a work meeting or when you are in the shower. It may get triggered by something that someone else says or something you hear yourself say. It often comes when you area not expecting it.

How do you know if it is vision? Visions often have new feeling or energy associated with them. They tend to show you a new possibility that you had not considered before.

What does my vision mean? Your vision may come in the form of symbolism (or not). If it does, it can be interpreted much like a dream can. Someone that is used to interpreting dreams and visions will be able to help you with this. If in doubt, give me a call.

And... when you pray or intend it, know that your vision will come to you. Being open to it helps you recognize it.

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