Self Inquiry: Asking the part of you that knows

Have a big decision to make? Or perhaps you just want to know the truth about something. Why not ask the part of you that knows? A technique called self inquiry involves posing a clear question to your inner self or intuition so it can work with it. Soon it will provide the answer to you.

Self inquiry is the same technique that Zen koans are based on. It also utilized in the sharing circles in my workshops and classes. By asking a question like "What is important to you?" and sending it around the circle, it awakens the ability to tap into the part of you that knows.

The first challenge is to ask a clear question. Our inner self resonates with the big picture. It wants you to wake up to the totality who you really are. So pose your question in terms of what is beneficial to your larger purpose or perhaps about wanting to know who and what you are.

The next challenge is hearing the answer. It may not come right away. It may be days later when you first wake up, when you are driving, or in the shower. It is usually when your resistance is low and when you are not trying or expecting it.

People experience the answer and their intuition in different ways. Ann Coughlin offers experiential classes and workshops to help people develop their intuition She differentiates between auditory, seeing, feeling, and knowing intuition. My answers and intuition tend to come to me in the form of a sense, idea, or new awareness. Once you understand how your intuition works, it becomes easier to hear the answer to your self inquiry.

When the answer comes to you, it may seem a little foreign to you because you are accessing information that you are not accustomed to. It feels different than an answer from your intellect. It may not be logical, but you just intuitively know it is true.
So what do you want to know? The best answer may be inside your Self.


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