Strength Translated as Abuse

Many of us have encountered some form of abuse in childhood, relationship, or otherwise. Confusing strength with abuse is often a residual effect of this. So later when we encounter strong or intense energy like anger, healthy aggression, passion, or spiritual power, we translate it as abuse. This often leads to us avoiding these energies in others or within ourselves.

For example, my father had an anger problem (and was emotionally abusive). Through cues from my mother and myself, I vowed to never be abusive like him. When I got older and strong, intense energies naturally arose in myself, I mistakenly thought I was abusive like my father.

I had to utilize a clear teacher that promised to tell me if I became abusive so I could risk exploring these energies. This way slowly over time, I was able to integrate these strong aspects of myself into my personality.

This tendency to translate strong energy as abuse inevitably shows up when people encounter their personal and spiritual power. I see it a lot when helping people access their natural gift. Your spiritual power and natural gift is a dynamic energy. It is not passive and casual. Sometimes it manifests itself with power and intensity.

This can create some tension and discomfort in the situation you are in. And it probably needs to. Sometimes you and the people you are interacting with need to feel uncomfortable in order to get what they need from that experience.

There is a tendency to hide our power in these situations. We protect others from our dynamic energy because we are afraid of it being abusive or destructive to them. I have known people to avoid their strength, spiritual power, and natural gift for years or a lifetime due to this.

It is vital to not back off your strength and dynamic energy when it arises. The world needs you to let it rip. We need you to rock our boat and rock our world. But what if you hurt someone’s feelings? Perhaps their feelings need to be hurt so they can grow.

So how have you been holding back your strength, spiritual power or natural gift?

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1. Irene wrote:
Beautiful, Mike. This has been the biggie that's been knocking on my soul's door for the last 2 weeks.

Sat, February 1, 2014 @ 11:25 AM

2. Michael wrote:
Thanks Irene. I believe it is one of the biggest issues in contemporary spirituality. Working through it has been hugely liberating for me and many of my clients.

Sun, February 2, 2014 @ 10:39 AM

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