The Weak Controlling the Strong

Weak character controlling strong character. This is an unnatural state that is out of balance. When the weak controls the strong, it makes for a weak culture- a people without character.

Cultures thrive when people with strong character are willing to be strong. They lead the weak and keep order intact. It has always been this way.

So why does the strong allow the weak to control it? Because many people of strong character are unwilling to pick up their personal power. They afraid of letting out their strong energy. They are afraid it will hurt people. It might be inappropriate or unprofessional. They mistakenly correlate strong energy with abuse.

Precisely the opposite it true. Strong energy heals and transforms. The world desperately needs your strong energy. It needs you to rock the boat. Besides, maybe some folks need to get their feelings hurt. When people are out of line, it might not be a bad thing for them to meet some strong energy. Consider it your gift to them.

An absurd example involves worrying about hurting people’s feelings when you stop them from disrespecting you. Let’s review. They abused you. You merely stopped them from doing it. And now you feel bad because this hurt their feelings. Give it a rest.

So take your power back. Cease allowing people to take it from you. And stop apologizing for yourself. You worked hard to find your integrity. It is time to trust it.

And be bold enough to be strong. Let your strong energy out. It may come out with a thrust the first couple of times. People might look at your strange. That’s OK.

The boat needs to be rocked. And if not you who? And if not now when? Soon it will be too late.

So how have you allowed the weak to control you?

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