The Yang Side of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is much like a harvest party. Each person brings a fruit, vegetable, meat, or dish from their field, ranch, or garden to celebrate their bounty. Metaphorically, you are bringing something you created or an aspect of yourself that you have developed this past year. It is saying, "This is my harvest this year. I offer it to my people."

This is the yang side of gratitude. It is strong. First, to be grateful, we have to acknowledge the abundance we have. Second, we show our gratitude by offering what we have created and having it touch others' lives.

To understand gratitude, we have to understand how we create things. Creation is a collaboration or co-creation. We, the creator, create an intention and send it out to the universe. It interacts with the universe and opens doors for us to unfold our intention.

So what are we grateful for? We are grateful to be a part of creating something of substance and value. We are grateful to collaborate with Spirit, the universe, and fellow humans.

And without our intention and us unfolding it, none of this could have happened. So we ought to be grateful to ourselves for having the courage and tenacity to create something.

And who supported us during our trying creation process? Who are the family members, friends, business partners, and collaborators? Without them, there would be no creation and abundance.

So maybe gratitude is like a speech after you get your Oscar. You created something of value. Now you are acknowledging all the forces and people that made it possible.

This is the yang side of gratitude. It is not meek. It is not weak or apologetic. It does not have survivor's guilt. It is not self-deprecating or afraid. It is strong. It is grateful that you were a part of creating something significant that would not otherwise be on the planet.

So what are you grateful for?

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