Turtle Medicine and Belonging

A turtle carries its home on its back. Metaphorically, it is at home wherever it is. Awaken your turtle medicine. Know that wherever you are, you are home. And that you belong. Like the turtle, carry your sense of belonging with you. You have as much right to be there as anyone else- simply because you are there.

A sense of belonging is essential. It is the greatest human emotional need. It is also where many people have challenges. Someone with a wounded sense of belonging continually questions her or himself: "Do I really belong here?" And the insecurity and self-doubt spreads from there.

So now you know. Yes, you belong there. Belonging is your birthright. It is your essence. Spiritually, you are part of all of creation all the time. You are part of the experience that you are in. All you have to do is claim it.

A sense of belonging comes from inside yourself. It does not come from getting permission from other people. Look outside yourself to belong and you will never find it.

Knowing you belong is the foundation of your personal power. People will sense that you know you belong and give you respect. How do you get respect? You know that you deserve it and insist upon it.

Now once you find a sense of belonging in a space, you may decide that it is not the best place for you. Accordingly, you may choose to leave. But leave on your terms with strength and dignity. Leave because you chose to, not because you feel like you did not belong there.

So carry the energy of the turtle. Walk with some swagger: "That's right I am here. This space is as much mine as it is yours or anybody else's. Got a problem with that? Guess that's your problem."

"'Because I know I belong here."

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