Uncomfortable with Beauty?

In preparing for my Offering your Natural Gift Workshop next weekend, I have been working with finding support for our most essential gift- the beauty of our heart. For a culture so obsessed with physical beauty, we are not very comfortable with the true beauty of our being.

Think about it. If you declare, “I am beautiful,” you risk being seen as conceited and vain. If you affirm, “I am innocent and pure,” you may be viewed as arrogant or even blasphemous. If you proclaim, “I am powerful,” some may see you as egotistical, and someone might even challenge you.

And yet these are the essential truths of your being.

So in our culture, the deck is stacked against us as we acknowledge the beauty of our being. And yet if do not acknowledge it, it becomes difficult to walk with it. It is a bold thing to own your beauty, innocence, and power.

And it becomes even more challenging to find people who are strong enough to support it. And to challenge the status quo, you are going to need support. The key is to find people who are working toward accepting their own beauty and power. They are the only people that are not threatened by it.

Ever notice that we are most threatened by the good stuff? Threatened by beauty, Threatened by love. Threatened by innocence and purity. Threatened by personal power? It would seem that something is out of whack.

Perhaps is it time to rock the boat. Who is willing to stand up for beauty? For your beauty. Who is willing to stretch their self-concepts to allow more of their beauty and love to come out to play?

Who do you know that is strong enough to support your beauty, innocence and personal power? They are your friends.

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1. Ame wrote:
Wow, this really rings a bell with me. Perhaps it's semantics, but as I thought about it I realized that never in a million years would I proclaim "I am innocent and pure". The laughter from my family and friends would be deafening, even though they mean no harm. I think this has something to do with competitiveness. I feel a lot of pressure to be tough and compete - and therefore always be striving. What you're talking about is an "arriving" idea. I AM beautiful, I AM powerful - as opposed to I am working hard to be yadda, yadda. VERY interesting!

Tue, October 21, 2014 @ 5:35 PM

2. Michael wrote:
Thanks for your comment Ame. Believing in to our innocence is so fundamental, and yet like with you, families, friends, and often ourselves have a difficult time taking it seriously. Love your realization on arriving and claiming it now.

Wed, October 22, 2014 @ 9:18 AM

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