Vision Quest

Two people just completed Vision Quest during our Summer Solstice Ceremonies. Vision Quest is a Native American tradition to seek your vision for your life. It helps you discover who and what you are. It focuses on going inside to find these things. This is 180 degrees from looking outside of yourself to find who you are which is so prevalent in our culture.

Vision quest starts with preparation. Our tradition uses tobacco ties or intention ties to prepare. Each tie is prayer. We use red ties to release the things away from ourselves that no longer serve us. They allow us to empty our cup of all the things we identified with in the past. We do this until we get to the consciousness of ‘I am nothing; I know nothing’. It is only from this space of emptiness that our vision of something new can emerge.

The overall intention of vision quest is to seek your vision for your people. It is ‘we’ based. My teacher taught me to always pray (or intend) for what you need in terms of ‘the people’. The people could be your family, your friends, your community, human beings, or all of creation.

He would exclaim, “Spirit cannot relate to ‘I’. ‘I’ does not even exist on the other side.” Us as being separate as an ‘I’ is a story we tell ourselves. It is totally contrived. So prayers that are ‘I’ based have nothing to connect with in creation and hence do not go very far.

So as you seek your vision for the new things you wish to create in your life, make your prayer or intention in terms of we. Seek your vision to make your people stronger.

Then your vision will unfold. Your medicine or natural gift will come to you. Your prayers will be answered. It will show you how to make a difference. And the world will be a better place- because of you.

So what is your prayer or intention for the next cycle of your life?

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