(Watch out for) Passive Creation

When creating or manifesting what we want in our life many of us indulge in what I call passive creation. Passive creation is deferring the decision, commitment, and responsibility necessary to create the life we want to something outside of us. The usual suspects external to us include God, Spirit, the Universe, corporations, bosses, friends, parents, children, and significant others.

Passive creation often involves aspects of our lives that we have ambivalence about. These include things we are unwilling to make up our mind on. It is having one foot in and one foot out. We want a love relationship, yet we fear it after being burned by the last one. We want to pursue our life dream, yet it scares the hell out of us. Psychology terms this an approach-avoidance conflict in that we simultaneously approach and avoid the thing we want.

An ambivalent intention or prayer goes something like this: "I would like a relationship, but I am not looking for it. If it is meant to be, it will just happen. Last time I got really hurt, and I am not doing that again."

So what is God, Spirit, or the Universe (I'll refer to it as Life with a capital L) supposed to do with this ambivalent prayer?" Life just unfolds whatever intention we offer it. So we end up with a contradictory, chaotic mess. The best that Life can offer an ambivalent prayer is some experience that challenges us to make up our mind. It provides Coyote Medicine encouraging us to be more clear with our intention.

The reality is that Life co-creates with us. It invests with us- not for us. When we offer a clear intention, Life can provide a clear outcome. But to create a clear intention, we have to: decide (I really want this), commit (I will do whatever it takes to unfold it) and take responsibility for (I am willing to risk the consequences). Now Life has something it can sink its teeth into. Our clear intention will interact with all of Life and open up doors for us to have the thing we want.


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