What is your big dream?

During the Summer Solstice Ceremonies, we created a clear intention for the things we wanted in our lives. It soon became apparent that we did not start out asking for what we really wanted for ourselves. Instead, we seemed to filter what we want through the lens of what we believe is possible and what we deserve.

During a sharing circle ceremony on creating a clear intention, I observed that I would allow myself a few steps toward what I wanted, but still stopped short of what I was really after. I had started to plan a business that I was not really very passionate about, but figured would work in the market I was in.

I realized I was not alone. Someone else was intending for a job that they really did not want. Another, a relationship (to work out) with someone that was not the type of person she really wanted to be with. In short, we stopped short of what we wanted. We settled.

So we began a quest to create an intention to have the things we truly wanted for ourselves. Eve Costello referred to it as our big dream.

We soon realized that it really did not require any more energy to create what we really wanted. In fact, it would likely be easier to create something that we were actually passionate about. Ann Coughlin pointed out that the passion creates a vibration that adds power to the intention.

Like vibration creates like vibration. We pull in the people and resources of that resonate with that energy vibration. These resources are essential to unfold the thing we wish to create.

Once we started asking for what we really wanted, things began to free up for us.

So don't be afraid to create an intention for your big dream. You can later stage the seemingly out-of-reach intention into bite-sized pieces.

But starting with what you really want makes all the difference in the world.


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