What is Your Harvest?

It is the time of fall (and the west) in my tradition of the Native American Medicine Wheel. It is the place of the harvest. This is the time that the things you have been creating and developing this cycle take form and complete themselves. It is the place you reap of the value of your hard work and finally have something to show for it.

So what is your harvest? What has developed out of what you have been working with? What has taken form? Some may say that they have not created anything. This is not true. It may subtle, but something is there. Perhaps a friendship or an understanding about something. Even if you do not believe that what you created has value, there is something to learn from that- which of course is valuable.

 Say someone spent this year getting really good at a video game, for instance. There is huge value in accepting that this is one of the things he invested his time and found excellence in this year. If from where he is sitting now this does not seem valuable to him, his harvest is a powerful indicator that he may wish to change what he chooses to create in the future. This is a very powerful impetus for change.

Whenever you find the courage to honestly look at your harvest and what you have been creating, you receive huge value in some form or another.

 So take time to sit with your harvest. Drink it in. Celebrate it. Share it with someone- it is your gift to them. Offer it with pride.

It says to them: “This is my harvest. This is my creation. This is the result of what I have been doing with my life this past year. There is some of me in this. I offer it to you with all of my heart.”

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