Upcoming Workshops

Natural Way of Being offers workshops to provide guidance and support to open new doors and allow integration of the new elements into your current life. These intensive workshops are designed to walk you through a complete transition and rite-of-passage for your life.

These workshops utilize sharing circles, personal ceremony, guided meditation, and energy exercises to allow experiential understanding. Witnessing other participant's growth process has a powerful effect on awakening and integrating the life you would have for yourself.

If you are interested in planning a Natural Way of Being workshop in your area, please contact Michael at (541) 639-6246.

Deer Creek Summer Ceremonies- with Michael Hoffman and the Elders of the Wolf Clan 

7/20/17- 6:00-pm through 7/23/17- Noon 

Deer Creek Campground, Sumpter, OR

Investment: $150 plus food cost (approx $50)

Four days of ceremony in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon offers the opportunity to journey deep inside yourself and awaken your connection to life and nature. This time functions as a retreat from your everyday life and allows nature and ceremony to balance and reconnect you. 

We will conduct Sharing Circle, Medicine Wheel, Vision Quest, Drumming Circle, Spirit Dance, and Healing Circle ceremonies- and a Sweat Lodge if fire conditions permit. We will tent camp by Deer Creek and there are showers in the nearby town of Sumpter. Food is included except for the few times we sneak into town and order some breakfast. Call Michael for more info and ride possibilities.